Tramarrs Consultancy

Tramarrs Consultancy is an organisation that is ready to address the road and rail epidemic by empowering our clients through the transfer of knowledge, policy implementations, capacity building and sensitization programs. As a specialist consultancy with a high calibre of professionals, we offer stakeholders expert advice and training in Transport Management skills, multimodal transportation, logistics, Road and the Rail safety issues etc.

Research is used as the main driving tool to measure the outcome of national wide initiatives aimed at reducing road carnage. Our assignments have increasingly been with stakeholders in East and Central Africa. Our vision is to continue to expand across Africa, Asia and globally, with the mission to reduce road carnage by 2020. 


Policy implementations 

From a wide selection of expatriates and careful study of demography, Tramarrs will be in position to implement any desired policies to address road carnage through:

1) Psychology – Following the establishment of new policies being enacted before they are legalized, Tramarrs consultancy uses Psychologists to support the change process and further creates awareness. This requires self-human management and developing the right mindset.

2) Capacity Building -The transfer of knowledge and awareness are key objectives of Tramarrs Consultancy. Dispensation of knowledge is achieved by placing emphasis on training policymakers, law enforcers and various stakeholders such as driving instructors.

3) Policing – Upholding road traffic policies require sustainable, trained and well-equipped policing. Tramarrs has the capacity to equip traffic police officers with relevant up-to-date knowledge.

4) Accidentology -Tramarrs uses skill and proficiency to perform in-depth studies. We take pride in researching current causes of traffic accidents with up-to-date methodology. This evaluation is achieved through road systems analysis, road assessment analysis and vehicle manufacturing analysis.









5) Road Safety Audit – the evaluation of Highway Improvement schemes during the design process and at the end of construction (before the scheme is open to traffic). This is to identify potential road safety issues that may affect any users of the highway, and to suggest measures to eliminate or mitigate those problems.

6) Insurance – Awareness and importance of both the third party and comprehensive insurance.

7) Technology – Tramarrs consultancy niches upon the usage of 21st Century technology, through affiliation with institutions that provide annual vehicle inspection, electrification, Hybrid, and autonomous vehicles.

8) Evaluation – With every service delivery, Tramarrs consultancy will periodically evaluate the progress of the given project through reports and assessments of reviews.

9) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – One of Tramarr’s main objectives is continuity and sustainability. Tramarrs executives and service providers will endeavour to sustain any given project through CPD.

10) Benchmarking – For efficiency Tramarrs will take on close knitted analysis of all projects and introduce current data management to maintain an audit trail of projects and hence offer ongoing support.


Every vehicle operator must exercise a mandatory cockpit drill to enable a comfortable and safe drive. It is through this unison with the vehicle the driver responds to the road conditions and in return communicates with other road users.



To effectively address the global climate and combat the environment change, developing countries especially the third world must embrace the latest technology. Electric and hybrid vehicle are on the increase in the west and the Far East and the era of autonomous vehicles is around the corner.


Road Asset

Time immemorial, roads and rails have proven to be assets to the communities they serve. In order achieve long-time economic progress to the given communities, sustainability of the roads and application of the right road furniture is vital.