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Third World countries have no regulated driving schools, no trained driving instructors, the roads are not well furnished and signed. The adrenaline and daring nature of the youth without any awareness exposure cannot survive the low-income country road systems and their paraphernalia. This situation is well demonstrated below in the road accident that happened in one of the low-income countries.


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I launch this blog with a heavy heart full of sorrow for the loss of 7 Rwandese students from Kampala International University who perished in Uganda along Gulu high way. On the 5th of November news filtered in of a taxi full of students from a friend’s party plowed in a stationary truck losing control and straight head on to another on coming taxi heading the opposite direction. In Zambia on the very same day Annette Kalolo a 34-year-old miner at Kinsanshi in Soliwezi lost her life after a rigged truck she was driving lost control hitting another stationary rigged truck. This is just a tip of the iceberg of all accidents happening around the World.

According to the World Healthy Organization (WHO), road traffic accidents claim 1.25 million people as result of road traffic accidents. These statistics make road carnage the leading cause of death among people aged 15 and 19. I have initiated and registered a consultancy to address this problem through advocacy and capacity building. As we approach the festive season, experience has taught us that this is the pick time where many lives are lost, many are left with severe injuries and properties and assets like vehicle are destroyed. It extremely difficult to predict when you all your loved one will be a victim, which makes this drive a collective effort. I appeal to all the people to access this blog by contributing and discourse all possible ways of tackling this uncommunicable epidemic which has claimed many lives especially the young.


CEO, Freddie Mpanga-Sempa